#15 Jean Baudin

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Bassist Jean Baudin (@elevenstrings) joins us on Episode 15 to talk about his long journey from 4 to 11 strings, auditioning for America’s Got Talent, founding Nuclear Rabbit, and transitioning from that to his solo bass instrumental music. Jean also shared with us some of the sounds that his extensive pedal boards can make, some hints about his future music projects, and the trivia fact that if you look real closely, you can spot him in the mosh pit in Primus’ Jerry Was A Racecar Driver music video.

Top 5 List: Bass Riffs

This month’s top 5 list is our favorite bass riffs! Tweet us your own top 5 bass riffs using the hashtags #cv5 and #bassriffs!

You can find a YouTube playlist of all our favorite bass riffs at http://bit.ly/cv5bassriffs

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Jean Baudin’s Top 5 Bass Riffs

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  1. Milk – Storm Troopers Of Death
  2. Halloween – The Dead Kennedys
  3. Street Beater (Sanford and Son Theme Song) – Quincy Jones
  4. Watchtower – Control and Resistence
  5. Water World + Water World Critical – Tetris Attack


Doctor Octave’s Top 5 Bass Riffs

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  1. Only In Dreams – Weezer
  2. My Name Is Mud – Primus
  3. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
  4. Good Times – Chic
  5. Heart of the Sunrise – Yes


Professor Robot’s Top 5 Bass Riffs

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  1. Johnny Kick A Hole In The Sky – RHCP
  2. Southern Bound Pachyderm – Primus
  3. What Did He Say – Victor Wooten
  4. I Want You Back – The Jackson 5
  5. In The Meantime – Spacehog