Doctor Octave


(Keyboards, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Sequencing)

At one point a promising music student, a freak seance incident caused mild mannered Brandon Banes to become posessed by the ghost of Nicolai Tesla. Unable to fully control Brandon’s body due to his strong innate willpower, Tesla’s Ghost can merely steer Brandon’s musical abilities towards mad science, electro-wizardry, and occult musicology. Calling himself Doctor Octave, he performs odd musical experiments in his underground laboratory, and when he surfaces he can often heard mumbling about quantum interference, interdimensional harmonics, and something called “Drop D String Theory.”

During one experiment trying to create a musical instrument out of gravity waves to create the brown note, Doctor Octave accidentally opened a dimensional portal through which he met Professor Robot. Together, the duo began to fight musical crime as Cartoon Violence.