New EP, March Tour, $4 Music Sale

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Feb 202018

$4 Music Sale!2018 Tour DatesPre-Order New EP

Greetings and salutations, fans of Cartoon Violence! After taking some time to rock the cosmos beyond Earth’s reach, we are back for a few very special announcements. Not only are we announcing right here and now our upcoming EP “Cartoon Violence Has Got You Covered”, we’re also possibly coming to your town (if you live in Portland, California, or Vegas!) Our new EP is chock full of nothing but covers and tributes, so you’re bound to like it more than those scary new, original songs you’re used to hearing us play. You’ll hear tunes from David Bowie, They Might Be Giants, Oingo Boingo, Depeche Mode and Steven Universe!!!

But we’re not done blowing your minds yet! Not even close! Since this month marks the four year anniversary of the release of our epic full-length studio album “Robots and Dinosaurs”, we’re making all our albums available for just FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS!!! It’s a limited time offer unless of course, we forget to switch it back to its regular price, so go and give us your hard-earned money!

So there you go: a new EP is coming soon, we tour at the start of March, and our entire catalog is on sale for $4. It doesn’t get much better than this! Oh wait, IT TOTALLY FUCKING DOES! Here’s a sneak peek track off Cartoon Violence Has Got You Covered! Each time you listen or share the news on your social media we take another bite out of musical crime!

$4 Music Sale!2018 Tour DatesPre-Order New EP


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Jun 132017

2 Phat II Fail is a 7-song EP album of original songs released in 2017. These songs all started with drum and synth sounds produced in the LSDJ software on a Nintendo GameBoy, representing the studio version of the live sound that the band has been cultivating over the past few years.

Buy on BandCamp | Amazon (CD) | iTunes | Apple Music | Spotify

#22: Tour Diary #2

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Greetings from Vegas where Cartoon Violence is drinking foot-long frozen margaritas on-mic and talking about the Portland leg of their 2017 “2 Phat II Fail” tour, as well as past and future Las Vegas stories. This episode also includes an exclusive surprise interview with Bjork about her upcoming album.

#21: Tour Diary #1

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Cartoon Violence just embarked on their first ever tour to support their new album 2 Phat II Fail, and have reported back about their first four shows. Tune in to hear stories of death, tribute, drama, violence, vikings, and video games, as well as the details of other dates on their June 2017 tour. #laserproblems #breadteaser #cvtour

Cartoon Violence West Coast Tour

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May 152017

Cartoon Violence is ON TOUR this May and June in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. Cartoon Violence is embarking on a West Coast Tour to support their new 7-song EP, “2 Phat II Fail“. Please check back, and Follow Our Events on Facebook as we add dates to this tour. If you’d like us to play your town, email

Date City Venue Links Tickets
5/27 Sonoma CA El Verano Inn FB
5/28 San Jose CA Corinthian Event Center FB SK Buy
6/4 Portland OR Adventureland Ballroom FB SK Buy
6/5 Portland OR Cider Riot FB SK
6/10 Las Vegas NV Double Down Saloon FB SK
6/14 Santa Ana CA Beatnik Bandito FB SK
6/16 Oakland CA Stork Club FB SK

Preorder our New EP and Help the ACLU and Planned Parenthood

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Feb 032017

This week BandCamp announced they will donate all their proceeds from sales today to the ACLU. We support this whole-heartedly. Not only is all our music available on BandCamp, but if you buy any of our music there today, we will donate half of our profits to Planned Parenthood.

All of our back catalog is available at where you can also pre-order our brand new 7-song EP, 2 Phat II Fail, out later this month.

Life On Mars (chiptune David Bowie cover)

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Jan 102017

This track was sequenced immediately following Bowie’s death in January of 2016. We performed it live with Mike Ackman (Together We Are Robots) at Freq.Fest.5 in downtown LA the following weekend, and then we recorded this version for a chiptune Bowie tribute album which you can buy for a minimum $5 donation to MacMillan Cancer Support, a UK cancer charity.

#20: Cartoon Violence (guest host Aaron Carnes)

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We have flipped the script and allowed ourselves to be interviewed on our own podcast. This month, enjoy journalist and Gnarboots member Aaron Carnes asking us all the burning questions you were pretending not to care about. Why a podcast? Why music? Why anything at all? The answers may surprise you.

Show notes and Top 5 lists at

#19 Petriform

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Petriform is an electronic dance and chiptune musician, as well as an altogether nice guy. We briefly spoke with him in episode 9 at Freq.Fest.Nor.Cal, but this time we got to hear all about his background in music and how he approached writing his latest album.

Top 5 List: Rock Songs

For our top 5 list this month, we discussed our favorite rock songs, that is to say, songs about rocks or stones. Watch a playlist of all our picks at and tweet us your own top 5 songs about rocks using the hashtags #cv5 and #rocksongs!

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#18 Mike Park

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Mike Park is our guest this month for Episode 18 of Cartoon Violence Has A Podcast. Mike has been running the Asian Man Records label out of his parents’ garage for over 20 years, churning out some of the best ska punk rock on the planet, and surviving in an era where record labels both big and small have fallen by the wayside. We talked to Mike about the good and bad aspects of being a two-man record label, what it was like weathering the rise and fall of third wave ska with his band Skankin’ Pickle, and his newest project, Kitty Kat Fan Club.

Top 5 List: Cat Songs

This month, in honor of Kitty Kat Fan Club, our top five theme is songs about cats. Check out our YouTube playlist to hear our picks and tweet us your own top 5 cat songs using the hashtags #cv5 and #catsongs!

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