GotGame News Show Theme Music

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Jan 042012

Head to Thursdays at 1pm PST for the live news show featuring our very own @ProfRobot. Check out a sneak peek at the awesomely blippity-bleepity theme music we just made for the show:

Intro Theme:

Outro Theme:

2011-08-05 Zombie Apocalypse

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Jul 202011

Cartoon Violence will be playing following a zombie costume contest following a 5-person play about being trapped in a temp agency office during the zombie apocalypse. The zombies are played by the audience, who will then get to witness us playing awesome nerd rock for them. The night will be fantastic and you should not miss it.

Nov 022010

Hello beings and gentlecreatures, and welcome to the official Cartoon Violence website. Here you will find news, bios, lyrics, MP3 downloads, demos, and more. Bookmark us here, follow us on Twitter @CartoonViolins, and tell all your friends that you love us!