Circle Sticker 3-Pack: With Great Music, Robot vs. Dinosaur, Unicorn Approved



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NOTE: this product is a pre-order and begins shipping February 4, 2014

Sheet of 3 circular stickers

Sheet of 3 circular stickers

Three great stickers, one great price. What more could you ask for?
Are you inordinately fond of Adam Davis’s spectacular robot and dinosaur art which adorns our latest Compact Disc? Are you frustrated because, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get our compact disc to stick to your guitar amp or your binder? Then you are the perfect target audience for our latest and greatest product, a circular sticker which looks like our CD but you can actually stick on stuff!

Act now and we’ll also throw in a sticker of what the art looks like BEHIND the CD in our fully packaged digipak release. This stunning design , featuring more Robots and Dinosaurs artwork by Adam Davis, includes Cartoon Violence’s humble motto: With Great Music Comes Great Responsibility.

But Wait! There’s More! !!! !! !

Act more immediately than now, and we’ll also throw in this unique, one-of-a-kind, extra-special, seen-nowhere-else, ultra-rare, blue-skinned Unicorn Approved sticker. Stick it on your Lisa Frank binder. Stick it on your friends’ Lisa Frank binders. Go into stores and stick it on Lisa Frank binders you have been wanting to buy but just couldn’t quite pull the trigger on. You’ll be amazed at how many uses a Unicorn Approved sticker has in your daily life.