Cartoon Violence’s 13 Days of Violent Xmas

Cartoon Violence's 13 Days of Violent Xmas: A Music Video Advent Calendar featuring songs from the upcoming album Robots and Dinosaurs
Each day leading up to Xmas, we will release a new music video on this advent calendar. When you visit this web page each day from December 13th to 25th, that day’s date on the calender can be clicked on to play the video. Enjoy the festive scenes featuring robots and dinosaurs drawn by Adam Davis.
Track 01: Heavenly Bodies (Dec 13) Track 02: Expectations (Dec 14)
Track 03: Level Up (Dec 15) Track 04: Under Cover (Dec 16)
Track 05: Dearest Dana (Dec 17) Track 06: Data, Input (Dec 18)
Track 07: Upon a Sea of Truth (Dec 19) Track 08: Selfish (Dec 20)
Track 09: Just Clap Your Hands (Dec 21) Track 10: The Mother of My Child Attended a Prestigious Institute of Fashion (Dec 22)
Track 11: It's a Trap (Dec 23) Track 12: Rat Race (Dec 24)
Track 13: In the Hole (Dec 25) Pre-order NOW! Album Release 2/4/14
The footage for these music videos has been sourced from The Internet Archive, who currently needs donations to recover from a fire. This month, donations are matched 300%, and can be paid in Bitcoin. Speaking of Bitcoin, you can also use it to get a 15% discoint when you pre-order Robots and Dinosaurs from our website. Just choose Bitcoin as your payment method on checkout!You may also pre-order the digital download via Paypal on our BandCamp page and immediately download the 4 streaming tracks available.
Happy Holidays from Cartoon Violence!