#12 Keiko Takamura

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Keiko Takamura is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, a member of the band Crashfaster, and our guest for Episode 12. We talked to her about her history of playing music both in real life and in Second Life, where she first started performing. Not ones to shy away from the letter K, we also talked with Keiko about Kanye and Ke$ha.

Fans of Keiko can check out her Soundcloud page for her current acoustic covers, including the cover of Everlong she mentions in the podcast. Her first EP is also available on Bandcamp, and includes the song Grayscale which is featured at the end of this podcast.

Top 5 List: Disney Songs

As Keiko is a huge Disney fan, we decided to plumb the depths of our childhoods and discuss our favorite songs from Disney movies. Our answers may surprise you. Listen to the Spotify playlist at bit.ly/cv5disneysongs and Tweet us your own top 5 Disney songs using the hashtags #cv5 and #disneysongs!
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#11 Slime Girls (Pedro Silva)

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Episode 11 features our guest Pedro Silva of Slime Girls and Astroskeleton, reflections on the recent Freq.Fest.v.5 festival we all played in Los Angeles last month, the upcoming Steven Universe comp we will all be on, and what our least favorite candies are.

We also discussed anime and chiptune and Ozma and dead people, including David Bowie, subject of this month’s top 5 list.

Top 5 List: David Bowie Songs

Tweet us your own top 5 Bowie songs using the hashtags #cv5 and #bowiesongs!
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#10 Star Wars Holiday Special with T-Rox and Noukon

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Episode 10 is the first podcast we’ve recorded with our newest member, dinosaur bassist Tyrannosaurus Rox. We were also joined by our visualist, Noukon, who made his first appearance on last month’s Freq.Fest.Nor.Cal episode. We gathered around the yuletide microphones, discussed the Star Wars The Force Awakens, and shared our Top 5 Holiday Songs. Warnings have been added before spoilers so you can fast forward to avoid them.

Top 5 List: Holiday Songs

Since this podcast was recoded between Christmas and New Year’s, we decided to celebrate all the holidays at once, and asked everyone to share their top 5 songs about any holiday. Let us know your favorite holiday songs. Tweet us your favorites using the hashtags #cv5 and #holidaysongs. This month’s playlist of all our picks can be found on our YouTube playlist at http://bit.ly/cv5holidaysongs and in the show notes at http://bit.ly/CVHAP10

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#9 Freq.Fest.Nor.Cal

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Episode 9 is a collage of recordings made at the SLG Art Boutiki in San Jose, CA on 9/11 and 9/12 for Freq.Fest.Nor.Cal, a 2-day chiptune music festival. Cartoon Violence played the first day of the festival, and we set up our podcast microphones in the green room backstage afterwards. What we intended to happen was have a civilized discussion about chiptune music and live performance with our fellow musicians. What actually happened was that everybody drank a lot and talked about porn and poop and swore like sailors. More than an hour of footage has been edited out, but still there was a lot of stuff discussed over two nights that was at least amusing enough to leave in. Also included throughout the podcast are our live performances of Expectations, Running Into Walls, Heavenly Bodies, Upon A Sea of Truth, and Selfish, the last two featuring Joey Guthrie from Curious Quail [Episode 6] on drums.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a fly on the wall backstage at a chiptune show, this is the podcast for you. On the first night, we talked with Petriform, Gabe (Noukon, our visualist), Erin and Alan and Mike and Joey from Curious Quail, Eric from Everything Goes Cold, Kevin Martinez, Jesse Avila, and Alex Wimmer from 8bitLA, Boaconstructor, and Pedro Silva of Slime Girls and Astroskeleton. The second night includes much of that same crew, plus Morgan and Devin from Crashfaster, Devin’s wife Krystle, EN Cowell, Leah Oakes (VISMANCIENNE), Geoff (Mr. Smith), Devin and Jackson from Astroskeleton, and finally an interview with Maxo.

If you listen to this whole episode, you’ll finally know where everybody’s favorite place to poop is, which Yankee Candle would represent each band at Freq.Fest.Nor.Cal, and how everybody pronounces GIF. You’ll also hear photos taken, drinks mixed, tattoos shown, and plenty of other things that don’t translate to podcast form. You’ll also hear what happens when everybody leaves the room to watch Kevin close the show and EN Cowell is left alone with alcohol and a microphone. ENJOY!

#8 Jon St. John

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Few voices in this world are as iconic as legendary badass Duke Nukem. Jon St. John, the man behind that voice and many others, is also a musician. He took an hour out of a busy press day to chat with us about Duke, voices, music, and the F word.

Jon was in San Francisco with a 3D Realms crew promoting their new game, Bomshell, where Jon adds the villain, Heskell, to his long list of video game voice credits. ProfRobot was sick with food poisoning, so he was Skyped in to the conversation.

Appearing on the sidelines of this episode is Apogee co-founder Scott Miller, the father of shareware gaming, designer/publisher of such titles as Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3D.

Top 5 List: Cover Songs

Since Jon used to play in a cover band, we decided to do Top 5 Cover Songs for this month’s list. We all agreed that all of our picks were awesome. Check out the Spotify playlist at http://bit.ly/cv5coversongs. What do you think? Tweet us your favorite cover songs using the hashtags #cv5 and #coversongs. Stay tuned next month to see what awesome top 5 list we have in store with our next guest!

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#7 Elegant Trash

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Lee Austin Hoffman is the creative force behind Elegant Trash, a Bay Area band which has had many incarnations since first rising up in Georgia 13 years ago. He also plays drums in the band Glass Atlas, makes his own zine called Bang Magazine, and puts on his own shows. Lee is a prolific machine who doesn’t let anything stop him from making music, and has released seven albums since moving to California. We sat down with Lee in his kitchen to talk about his writing process, his attitude, his influences, and his plans for rocking into the future. This episode also features our first live performances, as Lee played two songs for us on an acoustic guitar at the end of the interview.

On Saturday, October 10th, we will be playing a show with Lee’s band Elegant Trash at the Showdown in San Francisco. You can also catch Elegant Trash at The Range in Slab City on November 21st. As always, our tour dates are available on http://facebook.com/TheRealCartoonViolence/events or on our website http://CartoonViolenceMusic.com .

Top 5 List: Trashy Songs

This month’s Top 5 List is Trashy Songs. And since we didn’t get any collisions on Episode 6 with Curious Quail, we’re recycling our bird calls for tiebreakers. Spotify isn’t nearly trashy enough to have all of these songs, so this month we’ve supplemented our normal Spotify playlist at http://bit.ly/cv5trashysongs with a YouTube playlist at http://bit.ly/cv5trashyvideos. Choose your poison.

Share your own favorites by tweeting @CartoonViolins with the hashtags #cv5 and #trashysongs
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#6 Curious Quail

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Curious Quail are a bay area indie rock band blending orchestral and chiptune music. Started as the solo project of Mike Shirley-Donnelly, it eventually grew to include a full band including Erin Keeley on bass and vocals, and Joey Guthrie on drums. Not able to join us for this episode, but also still part of Curious Quail, are violinist Alan Chen, and guitarist Joyce Kuo.

For this episode, we asked the age old question “is this chiptune?,” and discussed IRC in the 90’s, video game music, deep dream, Pro Tools, and Duck Tales (whoo-hooh!). We also got to hear some inside info from Joey on what it was like to make their epic music video for Instant Gratification using cut-out pieces of paper and his iPhone.

Top 5 List: Bird Songs

This month’s topic is Top 5 Bird Songs, with the tiebreaker game being your best bird call. Share your own top 5 by tweeting @CartoonViolins with the hashtags #cv5 and #birdsongs

Read the show notes at http://bit.ly/CVHAP6 for the top 5 list spoilers, or listen to our Spotify playlist of our favorite Bird Songs at http://bit.ly/cv5topbirdsongs
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#5 Robo Beat ‘Em Up

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Robo Beat ‘Em Up are a bay area chip punk band who use custom percussion triggers on stage, and write catchy melodies about robots and saw waves. They have fought musical crime with us once before, as one of the bands at our DEATH + TAXES + CHIPTUNES show on April 15 (Live EP available at http://bit.ly/cvlatsc). We sat down to talk with Pink Thunder and John A.E. about the history of their band, their other musical projects, moshing, Babyland, trash cans, and domain names.

Top 5 List: Fight Songs

This month’s top 5 list is fight songs, and the tiebreaker game is “closest to a llama without going over.”

Visit CartoonViolenceMusic.com for show notes, and check out our Spotify playlist of our favorite fight songs: http://bit.ly/cv5fightsongs

Share your own favorite fight songs by tweeting @CartoonViolins with the hashtags #cv5 and #fightsongs

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#4 Gnarboots

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We are all Gnarboots, but Aaron Carnes and Adam Davis are slightly more Gnarboots than you are. Gnarboots is a band you truly have to experience live in order to understand. Listen to this episode to hear them discuss how Gnarboots started, what Gnarboots means, and why they wish you’d bring their cat masks back.

Gnarboots, not ones to sit idly by and let us control the podcast, brought two games of their own to play, in addition to our extra special double top five list. Please enjoy this episode, and apologies for Adam’s microphone. During the recording, it was possessed by the ghost of a Mexican radio station, so I had to mute his channel and pick him up off Aaron’s mic #weareallgnarboots.

Top 5 Lists: Experimental Bands and Sandwiches

This month’s topic is Top 5 Experimental Bands, with a bonus Top 5 Sandwiches thrown in for good measure. Share your own top 5 by tweeting @CartoonViolins with the hashtags #cv5 and #sandwiches or #expbands

Read the show notes at http://bit.ly/CVHAP4 for the top 5 list spoilers:
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#3 Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits

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Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits are local DIY music heroes, and the Bay Area’s longest running alt-folk comedy geek rock duo which is also sometimes a full band. Responsible in part for the Geekfest series of concerts (which have featured Cartoon Violence), and the formation of the S.P.A.M. Records collective, Corbett and Dan have been an integral part of the Bay Area music scene for 20 years.

For episode 3 we were lucky enough to sit down with them in JingleTown Recording Studios to chat about history of the band, which albums they do and don’t remember recording stoned, the Broken Strings music festival they are planning for this fall, and the East Bay Punk documentary they are working on with Green Day and others.

Top 5 Lists: Disease Songs

This month’s topic is Top 5 Songs About Diseases, and the tiebreaker is Rock Paper Scissors Dice. Tweet your own Top 5 Diease songs to @CartoonViolins and use the hashtags #cv5 and #diseasesongs to join in the discussion.

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